FOTOS REFUGI1The restaurant” El Refugi” in Barcelona offers a type of exclusive cuisine , this means, that with previous order, we buy the product that you choose, and it is cooked to your taste, and also with absolute freedom of schedule. We only ask the maximum advance booking , to avoid that any detail can fail because of the rush, given the individualized treatment. We will only attend to 20 people for service.
without reservation. We use our experience of 30 years dedicated to the food, to please the personal tastes of our customers.

By prior request, at least 24 hours prior to departure, we will buy and cook what you have chosen, and so we guarantee that you will consume fresh food, without any kind of treatment to preserve it. That is to say, from the market to the table. This method of working is designed for people who need to follow some kind of diet because of health problems such as; diabetics, coeliacs, hypertensive , hyperuricemia , disliplemia etc.., and also for capricious ,nostalgic , maniacs , and sybarites, Or for anyone who likes to be pampered, and we offer you a taste and an exclusive and particular treatment.

In addition to continuing our daily service restaurant, as always, with menu available for ours customers,